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Accent Silver offers a selection of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry with genuine gemstones.  Everything is sold directly to the public at festivals and seasonal markets and in North Carolina and Virginia.  We look forward to seeing you at our next show!

A sample of our current and past collection.   The stones have individual character and we cannot guarantee that what you see here will be what is available at our shows.   These images are not to scale.
Blue Turquoise Ring Citrine   Green Copper Turquoise Smokey Quartz Earring  Moonstone Pendant Green Amethyst Ring
Jasper   Azurite Malachite Larimar  Dalmation Jasper Ring Blue Copper Turquoise Pendant Multi Stone Pendant 
Mystic Topaz Ring Dalmation Jasper  Lace Agate Pendant  Mystic Topaz  Labradorite Ring Citrine 
Dendritic Agate  Green Copper Turquoise Ring Green Amethyst  Boulder Opal Pendant  Pietersite  Blue Topaz Ring
Agate  Tiger Eye  Dalmation Jasper Earring Larimar  Dendritic Agate Ring Rutile 
Citrine Ring Psilomelane Dendrite  Tiger Eye  Smokey Topaz Ring Unakite  Lemon Topaz 
Moonstone Pendant  Smokey Topaz  Blue Copper Turquoise Ring  Agate  Green Copper Turquoise Unakite Ring
 Blue Copper Turquoise Pendant Tiger Eye  Green Amethyst   Dalmation Jasper Larimar Ring  Malachite Ring
Smokey Quartz Ring Amethyst Pendant Blue Copper Turquoise Earring Mystic Topaz  Green Copper Turquoise  Labradorite Pendant 
Unakite  Moonstone Pendant   Psilomelane Dendrite  Blue Copper Turquoise Pendant Jasper  Tiger Eye Ring
 Lemon Topaz Jasper  Unakite Earring  Green Amethyst Ring Jasper  Green Copper Turquoise